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CERTUSS have designed and manufactured a broad range of steam generators and thermal systems for more than 55 years.

Offering three styles of generator (Junior, Universal & Elektro), CERTUSS provide consumers with a comprehensive design and installation service plus thorough maintenance packages. Users worldwide enjoy the energy efficiency and dependable performance of CERTUSS steam generation. 

Our unique steam generators are low noise, enviromentally friendly and efficiently transform gas, oil or electricity into steam to suit all industrial and commercial applications.


Innovative ideas and design features are constantly developed and put into practice by CERTUSS

  • Patented air cooled, double cover

  • Unmatched high efficicency

  • Integrated CERTUSS burner system

  • Full steam capacity three minutes after start up

  • Economical fast energy transfer reducing radiation losses

  • Unsupervised operation

  • Simple to maintain and accessibility

  • Robust steel fabrication




  • This brand new electronic boiler supervision controls and stores operation conditions. So the operator will be informed early in case of improper operation of the steam generator and can remind him of necessary maintenance works. Thus, faults and failures and the possibly resulting cost-intensive repairings can be avoided. The connection of a modem is possible as well so that the boiler can be controlled world-wide.

patended air-cooled double cover

Electronic boiler supervision CERTOMAT

Product Range:

CERTUSS Steam Boiler, oil- or gas-fired
  • Steam output up to 6 to/hr = up to 4 MW
  • Steam pressure up to 27 bar (2,7 MPa)
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CERTUSS Electric Steam Boiler
  • High quality electrically heated steam boiler up to 120 kW
  • Steam output 8 to 160 kg/h
  • Steam pressure up to 12 bar (1,2 MPa)
  • Also available in stainless steel for generation of high purity steam
  • More information...

Condensate Heat Recovery PARCOVAP 

Water Treatment


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